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Quartz Tubes Transparent & Translucent

Quartz Tubes Transparent & Translucent

Quartz tubes, also known as quartz glass tubes, are cylindrical tubes made from high-purity fused quartz or fused silica glass. They are used in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, chemical processing, and lighting.

Quartz tubes are known for their high thermal stability and resistance to thermal shock, making them ideal for use in high-temperature applications. They are also highly transparent and offer excellent optical clarity, making them a popular choice for optical applications, such as in lasers and spectroscopy.

Quartz glass tubes can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different applications. They can be produced with different levels of purity, and can be coated or doped to enhance their performance in specific applications. For example, they can be coated with a reflective layer to increase their reflectivity, or doped with metal oxides to change their optical properties.

Overall, quartz tubes are a versatile and highly useful material in a variety of industries and scientific fields. Their unique properties make them ideal for use in applications where high thermal stability, optical clarity, and chemical resistance are required.

The quartz glass tubes are obtained through the use of different types of raw materials like natural or synthetic quartz sand after the process of smelting and fine grinding. Quartz glass tube contains no air bubble and is controlled to the grade of PPM, which resultant have ultra-high purity, good spectral transmission, well-controlled dimensions, and lower (OH) Hydroxyl.

  • These are highly resistant to thermal shocks due to the extremely Low Coefficient of thermal expansion.

  • These Quartz Tubes have excellent electrical strength that remains highly stable with temperature variation.

  • Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties for electric fire barrels, electric baking stoves, electric heaters, and heating.

Advantage of Quartz Tube:

1. High purity , SiO2> 99.99%.

2. Working Temperature: 1250℃; Soften Temperature: 1730℃ .

3. Good thermal stability.

4. Acid-proof, Alkali-proof.

5. Excellent electrical insulator.

6. Transmission: Visible light >93%, UV light>85%.

Application of quartz glass pipe/tube:

Quartz glass tube widely used for semi-conductor, light source industry, test tube, Infrared lamp tube, diffusion tube, protective tube, laboratory instrument, Water Industries, UV lamps, etc.


General size:

Outer diameter: 1.5mm-200mm

Thickness:  0.5mm-10mm

Length: can be made according to customer’s request


Customize Size:

We can produce different shapes and different sizes according to the customer’s demand.

We can do the deep process, cut, fire end, bend, frosted, etc.

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